The Dreaded Picture Day

by : Jon Blake

It is but one of them days which most little school children dread, that is picture day. The parents think of such a day as being a monumental time, as they use it as a means of recording a child’s youthful career. It is basically the only way of preserving school days for years to come.

So, why do parents seem to ensure the pictures which are taken turn out to look more like something that they want put on the walls and to have sent out to every family member? I would say there are certain steps which can ensure your children’s photos will turn out the very best.

The first thing that is imperative is to really understand what background color can really make a good photo. It is the case that parents get to choose a background in most cases. When from the 70’s through to the 80’s the blue background was the answer for everyone but now there is a choice. Please keep in mind that the colors of clothing can make all the difference as to what is a suitable background color.

So what you have to do is consider what color your child looks best in, or even what they are willing to wear. If they like dark blues, then a pale blue background will offer the best results.

Hair can be the reason that some images just do not work out properly at all. Give your child a comb when they are going away to school, and tell them to use it before they get their photo taking. A scruffy hair cut can really make the difference between a presentable photo and one that is not. And also do not forget to have your child do a lovely smile. This can really make the difference between a great photo and one that is OK.

Good luck parents, and I hope that everything goes according to plan!