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Are you bored listening to the same ring tone that rings on your mobile phone? Ring tones are soon becoming a trend among mobile phone users. Whenever the phone rings people want to try something different each time.

It's not possible to download new ring tone each time. To overcome this problem today one can find number of sites that provide free ring tone download. These sites offer different varieties of Polyphonic ring tones; Monophonic ring tones and True tones ring tones for your mobile phone. All you have to do is relax and select the tone that best suits your personality.

1) Free Monophonic Ring tones: Monophonic ring tones are basically one note ringers. You can download latest monophonic ring tones for your Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Philips, LG, Sagem and Panasonic handsets. To download Monophonic ring tone on your mobile phone always note that your cell phone account should be internet enabled. You can also download monophonic ring tones using an SMS service.

List of free monophonic ring tones includes:

&bull Monophonic Ring tones - Oldies
&bull Monophonic Ring tones - Love
&bull Monophonic Ring tones - Religious
&bull Monophonic Ring tones - Latest
&bull Monophonic Ring tones - Pop
&bull Monophonic Ring tones - Classical
&bull Monophonic Ring tones - Christmas

2) Free Polyphonic Ring tones: You can download thousands of latest polyphonic ring tones for your mobile phones. A Polyphonic ring tone is downloaded by using an MMS or WAP service

List of Polyphonic ring tones that you can download free are
&bull Polyphonic ring tones - Oldies
&bull Polyphonic ring tones - Love
&bull Polyphonic ring tones - Religious
&bull Polyphonic ring tones - Pop
&bull Polyphonic ring tones - Classical
&bull Polyphonic ring tones - Latest
&bull Polyphonic ring tones - Christmas

3) True tones Ring tones: True tones have real sounds which sounds great on your mobile phone. No matter it is a Pop tone or a classical tone, true tone ring tones deliver the best. True tones are compatible to all new WAP enabled mobiles phones. There are many websites that provide free true tone ring tone download.

List of free True tones ring tones includes:

&bull True tones Ring tones - oldies
&bull True tones Ring tones -Classical
&bull True tones Ring tones - Pop
&bull True tones Ring tones - Religious
&bull True tones Ring tones - Love
&bull True tones ring tones - Latest
&bull True tones Ring tones - Christmas

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