Benefits of Learning Linux Commands

by : Clyde Boom

New to Linux? Need to start your Linux Training?

Here's why it's so important to learn Linux commands.

5 Benefits of Learning Linux Commands for Linux System Administration Tasks

1. You Learn Linux Commands Once for All Linux Distributions!

Linux commands are virtually identical from one Linux distribution (a.k.a. version, distro) to another. So when you learn a command in one Linux distribution, it works the same in all Linux distributions.

Linux Tips: We are referring to the very popular Linux commands (a.k.a. GNU / Linux commands) that are common to all Linux distributions. This includes the essential Linux commands that are required for Linux system administration, like: cd, pwd, ls, cp, mv and mkdir.

2. Linux Commands are Fast and Powerful

Many Linux distributions include "point-and-click" GUI utilities that allow you to do the equivalent of Linux commands, but these are very slow and cumbersome to use.

In contrast, you can very quickly run a single Linux command to do the equivalent of: starting and running a Linux GUI utility - and then clicking about ten times to do the same thing.

3. Linux System Administration is done with Linux Commands

Because Linux commands are the fast and easy way to do Linux system administration tasks, they are used for Linux system administration, rather than using a GUI utility.

Linux Tips: Linux commands may be trickier to learn than using a "point-and-click" GUI utility, but once you learn them you will be able to work much faster and you will be in demand!

4. You Can Learn Linux System Administration for All Linux Distributions at Once

If your career goal is to learn Linux system administration, when you learn Linux commands, you are learning how to use Linux as well as learning how to do Linux system administration - for all Linux distributions at once.

5. Now You Can Easily Learn Linux Commands - By Watching Linux Video Tutorials.

In the past, people usually read Linux books to get Linux training or went to a Linux course in a classroom. But now you can get easy Linux training by watching Linux videos.

Although Linux commands are considered difficult to learn, you can watch an excellent set of Linux videos and see how to use Linux commandsArticle Search, step-by-step. You just watch a bit of a command in the video tutorial window and then switch to Linux and try the command yourself!