Free FTP Software: A Review Of Fling

by : Chrischanning

One gem of the Internet most don't know about is the Fling FTP client. No, the Fling FTP client isn't at all related to a short termed relationship or even the act of hurling something- it's a revolutionary FTP client that is being released as freeware. This completely free software, as most will see, can even compete with the paid competitors.

Interestingly, Fling isn't going to use a standalone program to to most of the FTP work on a network. In fact, Fling FTP is built into Windows Explorer so that the process of transferring a file or folder is as easy as possible. Indeed, it is as simple as selecting a file with the right mouse click and sending it to its destination- it couldn't be more simple!

Network administrators know that network security is the bulk of their job- and they should only use certain programs to keep their security running high. Network administrators will be glad to know that Fling uses encryption to make all information sent over the network completely safe from hackers and "middle man" attacks that can compromise security.

Another aspect of Fling that makes it unique is the fact that it can connect to a local area network, or what is called a LAN, to transfer files. It's hard to say the same about other FTP clients- even the ones that require payment to use! Obviously, Fling is great for system administrators who know what they are doing and what they need to run a stable network.

The FTP client is going to be ready for Windows systems back from Windows 98 up until Windows Vista. The Vista operating system in particular was a threat to the Fling client, since Vista has new architecture to work with. Thankfully the crew at Fling FTP made all of the necessary additions and improvements to keep the free software open for Vista users too.

Downloads for the Fling cilent will come as an EXE or a ZIP. Since the program is only for Windows, users won't have to worry about other file types that other operating systems use such as the TAR extension. Those on a slow connection should download the ZIP file, while those who don't have a ZIP archival tool should go for the EXE counterpart.

Closing Comments

Fling, as we can very well see, has too many benefits to pass up. The most nominal would of course be that it is completely free- and who can pass up a free FTP client? If the required space is met and one is running a Windows system, they are set to download the client and get started immediately.