Choosing Your Digital Video Camera Zoom Lens

by : Ken Glauser

Okay, so you finally decided to get that digital video camera you've been saving for. You have enough money to buy a kick-butt video camera. But have you considered the most vital part for the camera? The part that comes into play with every video shot. The digital video camera zoom lens. Without a proper digital video camera zoom lens, your prized video camera isn't all it could be. You would be much better off if you spend equal amounts on the camera and the digital video camera zoom lens. The lens is that important. Your choice of lenses can distinguish between a good camera and an outstanding camera.

Spend More On The Lens

The digital video camera zoom lens determines how well your videos turn out. It, more than anything else on or in the camera affects the end products. Think about it, every shot you take goes through that lens. Really the camera is just a case for the mechanisms inside. You could make a case for reversing the spending, more on the lens and less on the actual camera. Most digital video cameras don't come with the ability to change lenses. This fact makes it more important to purchase the best digital video camera zoom lens possible. Another piece of advice regarding the lens is too not purchase the plastic lenses. The clarity is much better from glass digital video camera zoom lens.

If you do plan on purchasing a video camera where you can change the digital video camera zoom lens then compare the options of each lens to find the one that you want. Experts recommend that you purchase brand names such as Canon, Pentax or Nikon. Be sure to check if the lens will work for your camera. Digital video camera zoom lenses are not created equal and a lens from Nikon may or may not work with a digital video camera made by Canon.

If you are a professional photographer, then you should check out Leica, Carl Zeiss and Leupold. These are specialty lens manufacturers. The quality of the videos will show if you use one of their digital video camera zoom lens. If you are just a beginner then these lenses may not be the best place to start, because of the cost. But if you want extraordinary quality, these digital video camera zoom lenses are the way to go.

Options for digital video camera zoom lenses include normal, wide angle and telephoto. The focal length of the lens has a lot to do with the type of digital video camera zoom lens choice. The quality of the lens is also determined by lens speed, a significant factor in your shoot quality. You should think about focusing distance as well as advanced features such as vibration reduction, USM or ultrasonic motor and filter thread which should be present in any good digital video camera zoom lens.
Before you make that digital video camera zoom lens purchase you should research each feature that you want and choose the lens that fulfils those wishes the best. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive lenses are usually the better choice since more of the elements in the lens with be glass, although this does increase the camera weight. In the end if you do the research and take into consideration your shooting needs and budget, you will make the right choice