Slow Computer? - Speed it Up.

by : Raymond Johansen

Many home pc users work every day with their slow computers, and does not actually know why they are so slow. There are many?reasons for a computer to slow down. For instance when your harddrive is very fragmentet. That means that parts of data that?belongs together is spread across the disk, and not "lined up". When the data is needed, the computer has do reassemble it to?make it work. If it is spread in many and small fractions, the more time it will use.? A simple disk-defragmentation is a good thing to do, and can be done from the start menu. Go to Accessories, to System Tools,?and then click on the Defragment option. This process will take some time. In a good case I would say like an hour or two. In?a really bad case it could take days. It won't be any faster than it was when it was brand new, but if we're lucky we'll get?pretty close.Now over to the next step in the process of speeding up your dead slow computer. This step is called spyware removal. Spyware?is a thing that definately will slow your computer down. The more spyware on the system, the slower it will get. What happens?is that spyware are malicious software which will use your resources as it wants. When the numbers of infections get large,?they will compete with eachother in their hunt for available resources. In the end you won't have anything left for the jobs?you want to do. That is why I always recommend people with a slow computer to run a good spyware removal tool, and see if that speeds it up.?The third and last step in our process is checking the windows registry for errors. The windows registry holds information?about applications that is installed. Invalid entries could be references for software that is uninstalled. The registry?entries were left behind and now they will slow your computer down even more. That is why I also recommend to do a full registry scan. This operation and a spyware removal can be done with expensive tools, cheap tools or free tools. Expensive tools doesn't?always have to be the best onesPsychology Articles, and many cheap tools are actually good quality software. There are also free software out?there that turns out to be really great. It can boost up your slow computer and do alot for your online security.