How To Use Free Dynamic DNS Services For DVR Connection

by : Robert Moskal

In my last article "Setup Internet Connection To Digital Video Recorder Behind Router." We have talked about Internet connection setup to security DVR, based on static IP. I assume that anyone reading this article is not so much fortunate, and could not get static IP connection from Internet service provider (Don't worry, you are not alone). IP numbers just like a phone numbers are being rapidly depleted and some ISP have taken appropriate actions to insure that pool of IP addresses will be available for extended future. It is main reason, why some companies decided to allocate static addresses to commercial accounts only. In some cases the only available high-speed provider is Cable Company. Cable DSL does not offer static IP at all but it has higher speeds.

So, what do we do?There are several different options, but in this tutorial I will focus on the free alternatives.Before I go into the details, lets look at DNS term. DNS is Short for Domain Name System or Server; it takes IP address as input and tries to mach it to known domain name. In our case we are going to use dynamic domain name services to update our IP address as it changes and assign that IP to given domain name. Than we use that domain name to access our security DVR.

Option 1:For stand-alone security DVR the recommended alternative is to use Linksys WRT54G Router, which has DDNS support. First go to and setup free account, with the account info available, login to the Router and go to DDNS page. Select for the service provider and type in account password. After saving the Router will send IP updates to your account and despite your dynamic IP the connection will always be forwarded to you current IP.

Option 2:For PC based surveillance DVRs, if DVR doesn’t have its own DDNS support, please go to the same service provider at and again account has to be setup, but in this case instead of using Router for updating we will download updater software. The updater software is more reliable than Router updater, but it needs computer running at all times. That is why updater software is more practical in PC based DVRArticle Search, as it will run non-stop. Both options are completely free and will allow us to be able to access surveillance DVR with dynamic IP.