What Are Vesa Wall Mounts?

by : Jason West

Wall Mounting Your Large Screen TV: The Importance of VESA Compatibility

If you've recently purchased a large screen television, you've probably considered mounting it on the wall. After all, that's the most appealing feature of a large screen television, its small spatial footprint. VESA mounting brackets refer to the pattern of holes in the back of the television, and the spacing between them in millimeters. VESA 75 has the holes mounted 75 millimeters apart, VESA 100 has them 100 millimeters apart and VESA 200 has them 200 millimeters apart. By supporting the weight at these points, the television can be stably mounted to most walls.

To mount your television, you'll need to know which standard it supports. The most common for LCD monitors and small televisions is VESA 75. Medium sized televisions use VESA 100 mounts, and large screen sets use VESA 200 or VESA 250 (rarely).

A mounting bracket is screwed into these holes, and then, much the same way a picture hanger is used to hang a picture on a wall, used to mount your television to the wall with studs. Having your mounting bracket properly installed is important. You need to leave at least 16 mm between the back of the television and the wall for proper air circulation, lest the light element in the back of your television burn out. VESA-compliant brackets do this, and many television sets come with them, or come separately as part of the standard kit.

More important, you want a bonded installation service to do this for you - they carry insurance in case the worst happens and the television is dropped or the wall is damaged, and VESA compliant televisions make their job easier. A full installation can be done in an hour or two, and the small amount of extra money is well spent when considering the price of a high end television set! Plus, installers can give you good advice on where to position the television in the room.

So, be sure to look at the back of your television's box for the VESA size, and talk to a professional installer.