The Growing Popularity Of Video Teleconferencing

by : Max Stephen

Video teleconferencing is gaining popularity by the minute. Gone are the days when business people have to go to the other end of the world just to meet up with a client or attend a meeting. With today's computer technology, the hassle and expenses of business traveling can now be overcome.

What is video teleconferencing?
Video teleconferencing is a communication tool where a number of people are being held together for a meeting, seminar or conference. It is somehow similar to teleconferencing, but this time, you would not only get to hear the people you are talking to, but you would also see them face to face, virtually that is!

Industries where video teleconferencing is popularly used -
Video teleconferencing is a very versatile technology that can be used in different fields. Here are some of them:

• Business
By far, the business industry has the most number of users of video teleconferencing. It proved to be a cost-effective way of gathering staff and managers from all parts of the world. Travel tickets and hotel expenses can now be avoided. That means more savings for the company, more profit!

• Education
A lot of people are discovering the method of education through distance learning. Video teleconferencing made this learning strategy even more beneficial to at-home students. Teachers can teach lessons and provide instructions as if in a school set-up. What more, you can interact with your teacher or with other students.

• Health Care
A number of medical institutions are also using video teleconferencing to their advantage. They can conduct seminars or instructional meetings and get in touch with medical experts from all over the world.

• Security
A lot of security agencies use video teleconferencing to conduct their surveillance. They would often use a hidden or spy camera then transmit the images to the host.
Features and benefits of video teleconferencing
The reason why video teleconferencing is becoming more and more popular is because of the number of features and benefits that it offers. Here are some advantages of video teleconferencing that would definitely entice you to use it for yourself.

• No-hassle preparation
If you would do a traditional conference, you would have to allocate a venue and cover for the travel expenses of your staff. With a video teleconferencing, this is no longer needed. You can conduct meetings at the comfort of your own office seat plus you really do not need to reserve as there are video teleconferencing providers who offer very versatile packages.

• Simultaneous Conferencing
With video teleconferencing the host can handle more than one meeting in one day. For instance, he can conduct a sales meeting in the morning and talk about exporting issues at night to a different audience. There is no limit to the purpose, audience and number of video teleconferencing that you can do in a day.

• Simple to use
Video teleconferencing really doesn't need any amount of technical skills or knowledge. Virtually anyone can use it. It has a simple procedure to operate, with no real technicalities. Your provider should take care of the set-up and all you have to do is talk and communicate with the people you need to get in touch with.

• No special equipments required
You really don't need to have a big technical set-up to begin with a video teleconference. The duo of a television and camera would do the trick. Other providers may also use Internet technology to connect you with others.

• Seamless communication
With video teleconferencing, most providers would guarantee their users a smooth-flowing, no- interruption communication. They are responsible for ensuring the efficient operation during your conferences.

• Playback options
A lot of companies would like their conferences and meetings recorded so that they can go back to it anytime and use it for references or simply keep them for filing. With video teleconferencing you are given the option for future playbacks so that you can keep a record of what transpired during the conference.

• Low-cost
The amount of money that can be saved from video teleconferencing as opposed to traditional meetings and seminars cannot be overemphasized. The company would no longer shoulder plane tickets to send their staff to other parts of the country. You can also forget about hotel costs and other living expenses that go along with traveling.
With video teleconferencing, you get seamless communication at minimum cost!