How To Test You CD Case

by : Pisan K.

You should be able to find several indispensable facts that somebody have never discovered. As it is a kind of experiment with your CD case. So information about how to test it in the following paragraphs may be very useful or has just little use more or less. If there's at least one fact you didn't know before, imagine the difference it might make. In fact this is just my own suggestion and I have learnt it from my own experience and it may not always fit to any one. Therefore, carefully reading and consider whether information I have provided below is practical for you. Follow my step without careful consider may harm your CD case and you will make your favourite one broken by your own.

Most of people who bought CD case may not interest to test it to see whether they are strong enough to protect your favourite CDs. Generally, many people could satisfy and think that they is good enough just be case they can protect them from basic dangers such as wet, hot and cold temperature, and soft pressure. In fact, in my opinion is that is just quite not enough. Imagine that of you have very old rare compact discs and it could not be replaced if damage or lost. I guess that you will never want to keep it in low quality case.

Now I am about to tell you about the way that I use to test it once I have bought it. This is because I have a lot of them. Firstly, I have to make sure that the one you have bought can protect my CD from water and some other kind of hot drinks such as coffee. Because I often carry the case to every where I go and often in a coffee shop. Some times you may find that some kind of them are not resist to hot water, the plastic and coating colour will become melting when there is hot water pour on it. So the method of test is very, just drop some hot coffee on your CD case and see whether it could resist to hot water.

Second thing that you have to think about is protecting your favourite CDs from chemical agent. Some of you may argue that this kind of protection is absolutely unnecessary because there is almost no chance that they will be damaged by chemical. In fact, there are some types of chemical agents that usually found in you house and they definitely harmful to them such as detergent, alcohol etc. However, I am not encouraging you to apply those chemical on them because you my lose it, but please bare in mind that you should keep away from these chemical agents or choose the type that anti chemical when you buy a CD case. The last one that I would like to emphasize is heat. Heat can damage them inside the case. So make sure that you will not leave your case in a car that you have to leave the car in strong sunlight.