Typing Games Arent Just for Kids

by : Sheryl Wood

Today's children need to learn how to type. Traditionally, typing class has been offered on the high school level, but in today's computer-driven society, this is often too late. Children are on the computer before they are out of diapers, and if they do not learn proper typing skills before high school, they may never unlearn the poor habits they learned as children. Typing games are one way that teachers on all grade levels can introduce the keyboard and proper typing techniques to children without sacrificing too much instruction time.

When shopping for typing games to use with your students, pick something that is age appropriate. You can find typing games that utilize the popular cartoon character of the day for younger children, or you can find more sophisticated games that are perfect for older students. If the typing games are suited to the kids' age and skill level, they are more likely to play them.

Next, see if you can find something the students can play with little teacher direction. This is particularly helpful if you are going to use the typing games as rewards during free time. You may be busy helping other students or grading papers when the students are on the computer. Of course, if you are going to use the games in a traditional typing class, you may not need them to be quite so self-sufficient.

When your students are playing the typing game you have chosen, do spend some time monitoring them to make sure they are using correct typing techniques. Some of the typing games that are aimed at younger kids can be done with one or two fingers, without using the keyboard correctly. If the students are using the games this way, they might as well not be using them at all, because they are learning improper techniques while using the educational software.

Another type of software to look for is a typing education program that combines games with traditional typing drills. With these programs, students are rewarded with typing games after learning a new typing skill. This combines the fun of the game with the educational component of the typing drill. Typing software can help students learn to type on their own. Most of the time the programs will track the students' progress and provide evaluation that teachers can translate into grades on the grade card. Adults can even use these programs to improve their typing speeds on their own.

Homeschoolers can use typing games to effectively teach typing at home. The goal of teaching typing is not necessarily to go through a traditional curriculum, but rather to make sure your children are able to type correctly and quickly. If your state requires a grade for typing, many of the typing games on the market that are designed for older children do evaluate their progress as they type their way through the game. This evaluation can easily be translated into a grade if needed.

Are there any cons to using typing games in your classroom or home school setting? If they are used correctly, there really are no negatives to this type of educational software. Typing is a skill that is only learned through repeated practice. There is no amount of study that your students can do to improve their typing speed. It's easy to acquire typing skills by practicing the exercises in typing game softwarel. You won't find boring typing drills in today's typing games. Not only that, but typing is an absolutely necessary skill in today's job market. No matter what career path your students choose to follow, being able to type well and quickly will be considered an asset.