Kids Love Touchpad Keyboards

by : 10x Marketing

We all know kids love to play whenever they get the chance. Even some adults take time to play now and then. With touchpad keyboards, kids are discovering a new way to play. Here are some benefits for kids and their caretakers who use touchpad keyboards:
"It's like my fingers are dancing!" said Charla, age eight. On her first day of class at Mountain View Elementary school, she gravitated towards the computer at her desk place. She had never seen a computer with a touchpad keyboard before, but she jumped right in and began to experiment with how to use it. Before her teacher had a chance to explain how the touchpad keyboard functions, Charla had already grasped the concept and was adeptly using the touchpad keyboard to download music on to her iPod. So quick is the learning curve of the touchpad keyboard for kids.
While Charla felt her fingers were dancing, she did not know that her brain was also stretching into new vistas of creativity. Studies have shown that children who use touchpad keyboards have higher levels of creative expression, due to the dancing/drawing motion of the fingers. The fluid movement is similar to painting, which encourages the brain to think in non-linear, abstract formation. Children who use touchpad keyboards are more flexible by nature, more creative, and more spontaneous than their classmate counterparts who use traditional keyboards.
Little Charla may think touchpad keyboards are all about fun, as the school hours speed away, but her teacher knows something else about them. They are easier to clean than a traditional mouse. Kids are notoriously messy. Crumbs seem to travel with them in a trail that could reach around the world. Teachers know that despite having the entire class wash their hands before computer work, inevitably for every twenty kids at least three manage to get dirt or crumbs stuck in their computer mouse. With the touchpad keyboard, those crumbs are easily visible and simply cleaned. With the traditional rolling ball mouse, crumbs get stuck up inside and are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Teachers are saving hours of cleaning time with touchpad keyboards.
Whenever school funding is cut, classrooms get fuller. With thirty kids to watch over, Charla's teacher must get creative about making space for all of thirty kids within a compact room. Desks are crammed in and make for only a 1.5-foot aisle. The kids' elbows are hitting each other. Luckily, the touchpad keyboards save some space. Eliminating the traditional mouse means that each child has an additional ten inches of space. This efficiency is helping little Charla and other kids to concentrate better and understand the concept of "personal space."
Well-informed adults are taking advantage of touchpad keyboards in the home, too. American kids typically spend one to two hours on the computer after school, and sometimes more. Parents with touchpad keyboards are noticing that they are saving much time by not digging out dirt stuck inside a traditional mouse. With a quick swipe of the touchpad keyboard, all the grime is gone.
Studies linking touchpad keyboards to creativity are just beginning to make waves in the parent community. Parents and teachers are taking advantage of the cleanliness, efficiency, and creative effect that touchpad keyboards have. Let your kids join the dance of touchpad keyboards. It is good for them and you.