Pushing The Television Viewing Experience To Another Level

by : David H. Urmann

Plasma HDTV's are televisions which are much better than other types of TV's.

Plasma HDTV's are bound to set a benchmark in television viewing as what digital music has done for the music listening experience. Plasma HDTV's taken the experience of watching TV up a notch higher. The picture is wide, crisp sharp images and the sound is digital is just and spot on perfect. Plasma HDTV's are the agreed upon "king" in the new class of digital television.

Plasma is created by electrically charging the combination of the gases neon and xenon. A stable mixture of these two gases is placed between two glass plates inside the Plasma HDTV. Once the TV is turned on, the gas reacts to the electricity and causes it to emit light in three colors: red, blue and green.

Analog radio signals have been broadcasted and received in TV sets since its creation decades ago. Contrary to analog signals, digital signals provide an intense, clearer picture, allowing virtually every detail to literally jump off the screen. However, not all digital TV's are HDTV's. The reason why images look better on HDTV is because of its higher resolution wherein more pixels are used and combined to create a better and sharper image.

Most analog TV sets have screens with 525 scan lines even though only 480 can be seen with the naked eye when it is powered on. The conventional TV set has an effective picture resolution of about 210,000 pixels. In the highest resolution of digital TV formats, each picture contains about 2 million pixels. This means about 10 times more picture detail on a Plasma HDTV.

When shopping for a new television set, the buyer should decide whether he wants a plasma HDTV or an LCD TV. Plasma TV's display deeper blacks and do better with details in dark scenes and are perfect for viewing in low lighting conditions but it suffers from reflections in well-lit rooms. LCD TV's are generally brighter but they have a narrower viewing angle.

One technological advancement found in the latest DVD players, digital media sources and cable and satellite TV boxes is an HDMI port. This input port is makes sure that the influx of digital signal is not corroded or affected as it passes through several components such as a cable box. Make sure there is at least one HDMI port in the Plasma HDTV unit you choose.

Plasma HDTV's have a much higher resolution than conventional television sets; you can sit closer than you normally would when watching Plasma HDTV's. During close up shots, the images are shown to the very detail, so watching the HDTV at a higher distance is a necessity in order to view the image correctly. Considering the size of the room is an important factor in choosing what size of the Plasma HDTV to buy.

Digital television is now a reality-but you're not going to see it the way it was meant to be seen using yesterday's TV sets. Technologies such as DVD blu-ray, video game consoles like the Xbox360 and playstation3 are made to be played in Plasma HDTV. Plasma HDTV display technology is the only way to fully enjoy the dramatically improved image quality of all these digital video sources.