Ultimatedefrag Tutorial Guide - Speed Up Windows

by : Kris Mainieri

Today I want to share with you a seriously kick-butt free piece of software that is seriously revolutionizing the way we defragment our harddrives.

I'm going to be revealing some killer stuff that you may not have heard of, so be sure to read every word of this article... I mean it.

The Problem:

If you've read my report "Pc Secret Formula" then you know by now that over time, your harddrive tends to become fragmented.

Fragmentation (cluttering of files) causes your harddrive to work harder (NOT good) opening up a specific file or loading a certain application. This in term dramticaly slows down your computers overall performance...

The So-Called Solutions:

Defragmentation programs in essence all work the same.

Yeah yeah, some have more features than others blah blah blah, but the truth is that at the end of the day, they all do the same crap!

Anyways... the point I'm trying to help you understand is that yes...by defragmenting our harddrives we will get a boost in performance but our harddrive will still not be running at their peak!

Crazy huh?

I bet all you Perfectdisk and Diskeeper fans are in flipping out, but hear me out!

Perfectdisk and Diskeeper both do a kick ass job at defragmenting but not optimizing your hardrives performance.


It's simple, let me break it down again. When you defragment your harddrive your in a sense organizing a bunch a unlocated files into a nice folder making it easier for your harddrive to locate it...

Rather than having them spread around your harddrive randomly, and making your harddisk work harder piecing the file together... get it?


So yes, defragmentation will improve performance but wont give you a big a boost like optimizing your hardrive will!

The REAL Solution: Defragmentation & File Optimization

OK get ready...

This has to be one of the coolest and most powerful fr.ee pieces of software I've ever uncovered.

It's called UltimateDefrag and it does what no other defragmenter does today.

It optimizes the placement of your files...and defragments for an insane performance boost!


After You Defrag & Optimize With UltimateDefrag... You Won't Believe The Newfound PC Performance You'll Experience!

OK... I'm excited... and you better be too!

I've gone all out and even created a quick video on how to set this thing up and running, just check out the "Author Signature" box or "Author Bio" in this article and click on the links. No sales pitches here, just free kick-butt info!