Nokia 3250: Little Bit Twist - Loads of Music

by : Keith Rickwood

The Nokia 3250 is launched as another superb music phone from the Nokia. It does look bit unusual that when Nokia's highly acclaimed N-series is garnering all the attention, then how the Nokia 3250 would be able to grab the audiences. But, there is nothing different about that, as every phone is somewhat unique in itself and so does the Nokia 3250. Bringing various right things from other popular Nokia phones, the Nokia 3250 also comes with innovative features and carefully crafted 'twist' design. Besides, the Nokia 3250 is quite a capable handset, which comes with praiseworthy multimedia and imaging features. Being an important member of the Nokia's Xpress Music series, the Nokia 3250 can be called as an another powerhouse of music.

Like other popular Nokia music phones, the Nokia 3250 is also bring all your favourite music to your ears in the best possible way. All you got to do is twist this stylish gizmo and the conventional looking keypad easily transforms into the dedicated music keys - your gateway to the world of music. Expanding your range, the Nokia 3250 supports various sorts of music files such as MP3, M4A, WMA, and AAC. To get all your favourite music into the Nokia 3250, you can either load it from other compatible devices or transfer all your music, as easily as possible. Undoubtedly, the Nokia 3250 can be the best mate of all those music lovers who love to have all their favourite music well within their reach in the most easiest way. Offering you more music, you can also tune into its FM radio or you can also interact with its Visual Radio stations to go groovy. The Nokia 3250 also comes with substantial space to give you somewhat enough memory to keep all your favourite tracks.

However, the Nokia 3250 is more about music, but you do get certain other substantial features to enjoy more. Endowed with a 2 megapixel camera, you can take some pictures, whenever you like. Besides, there are well layout messaging features to offer you different modes of expressing yourself. As far as connectivity is concerned, the Nokia 3250 supports tri-band network connectivity to keep you connected always. Enjoy all your music and other functionalities with your very own Nokia 3250.