Nokia N95: Sneak Into Futures Mobile Imaging

by : Alice Erin

Nokia's multimedia powerhouse family - the N series - have proved their worth in our run up to the future of mobile telephony beyond any doubts. Adding another step to our stairway to the future world of digital convergence is the latest and the top most member of this reputed family - the Nokia N95 .

The Nokia N95 's specifications sound nothing less than a dream to anyone. This S60 rel. 3.1 based and Symbian OS 9.2 operated smartphone includes the cream of all features the present day mobile phone technology has to offer. Among other things, the most fascinating is its built in GPS navigation system and installed Map application covering over 100 countries. With the Nokia N95, you'll never be lost again.

The handset is a unique 2 way slider - the upward slide of the 16 million colour producing display reveals the conventional keypad just like any ordinary slider, and a downward slide of the screen shows the multimedia keys. Highly stylized silver outfit and high hardware configuration is just the starting of this marvel.

The Nokia N95 is endowed with a never before 5.0 megapixel camera and thereby formally declared an all out war with digital cameras. Carl Zeiss Optics, zoom, autofocus, integrated LED flash - the Nokia N95 has more than even some specialized digital camera. Video recording too gets DVD like clarity - thanks to 30 frames per second recording speed against the market norm of 15 frames.

This quad band handset supports 3G functions like video calling and high speed data transfers. GPRS, EDGE, email, WiFi, UPnP technology, HSCSD, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB - you name it, the Nokia N95 has it. The handset is also a great entertainer with its high grade media player with a liberal 150 Mb internal memory and 2GB external card support and a FM radio. Plug in your preferred headphones to the 3.5 mm audio jack or even go for Bluetooth wireless headphones.

With the Nokia N95, there is no dearth of choice.

Nokia N95