Nokia N95 or Nokia N95 8gb an Opulent Phone

by : Fletcher Mak

The magnificently impressive Nokia N95 is a brilliant illustration of Nokia's technical expertise and creativity. Nokia has presented the world with some of the most astonishing mobile devices. The N-series smart phones which have almost dominated the whole mobile market is enhanced with latest technologies, which were never imaginable till a few years ago.

Among its N-series phones, perhaps Nokia N95 is the most sought-after mobile phone which can very well be called a mini-computer. This versatile device is a camcorder, a personal digital assistant, a music player, a phone, an alarm clock and what not! The phone with its two-way slider mechanism is an easy-to-use phone. Despite its sophisticated features, it is a very handy mobile. Photography with this mobile phone is an amazing experience. Its 5-megapixel camera enhanced with Carl Zeiss optics can capture brilliant images while on the move. Cherish your memorable moments. Click beautiful video clips and sharp images which you love to keep alive with this Nokia N95. Even if you are in poor light conditions, the autofocus on the Nokia N95 will help you to click and get photographs with desired results. Nokia N95 is also endowed with a secondary camera which can be used for video telephony.
Music, whether you want to store all your favourite numbers or you travel with your selected ones, you can enjoy best quality music whenever you like. The music player supports numerous formats and the users can expect marvelous performance from it. Nokia N95 is now available with various deals at a much subsidised rate. So it is very easy to buy a Nokia N95 at an affordable price. You may also get some Nokia N95 Christmas offers that provide this phone at a very low price. The built-in GPS is another of its feature which makes it so incredible. The GPS system is a great companion for the travellers, because it can download maps of more than 100 countries and it is quite useful in locating places and knowing about directions.

The unprecedented success of Nokia N95 has inspired Nokia to release an advanced version of this mobile phone, Nokia N95 8GB. The new Nokia N95 is enhanced with a massive storage capacity of 8GB, where you can store numerous music and video files. As a communicating device too, Nokia N95 is an extraordinary performer including Bluetooth, GPRS, USB, WLAN, 3G --what not. With all its features and functions, Nokia N95 is a device par excellence.