LG Shine - Taste After Chocolate.

by : Adam Caitlin

With LG shine, the manufacturer sure manages to further carry on the brilliant success of LG Chocolate. And with that, it also makes a statement, that unlike the competitors Motorola, LG has other design up its seeve, that isn't just a slight touch-up on a previously successful model.

LG shine has taken the design and evolution of its original handset to a next stage, and aptly called it LG shine. Why shine? The name is given so, because the entire handset emits such radiance that it feels like one is holding a rare jewel in the hand. The secret behind this is class designing excellence. The mobile comes wrapped in stainless steel casing, with a fine polished surface. This makes the mobile highly reflective and thus adding to its shining phenomenon. Further, the external screen of this slider is of such a make that it looks just like a mirror. Yes, meaning for ladies who are conscious of their make-up, the LG shine sure acts like a compact.

But this 2.2 inches screen is not the actual one. The real deal is hidden beneath, and only when the LG shine is activated, the internal screen is seen. The Menu is displayed clearly, and innovative icons make the overall appearance highly appealing. Navigation becomes easy through the roller interface, while two buttons on either side makes selection easy.

On sliding the , a checkerboard keypad is revealed. On the very first look, you can see it resembles the make of RAZR, Samsung D900, and LG Chocolate. But the interesting thing here is that the keypad lights up in blue, similar to that of RAZR. And yes, complimenting the make of the handset, the keypad also comes in stainless steel.

For entertainment, the LG shine comes with a 2 MP camera, with auto focus. While the taste of music is given through its competent music player. Other highlights of this handset includes - Tri-band network, Bluetooth technology, built-in browser, host of messaging services, games, 3 hours talktime and 280 hours standby, and a decent memory life. for more information of Please visit our site.