Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

by : George Wischler

Your intuition is telling you something is different. Longer work hours. Suddenly going out with 'friends'. Unusual phone or computer habits. These may all be early warning signs for: Cheating Spouse Disease (CSD). No commercial drugs are available, but its really no laughing matter. Today 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, and many innocent people are left broke and broken.

Technology has enabled communication more than ever, and finding an issue before it becomes a major problem is increasingly difficult. Most phone numbers today are not in your local phone book, and shallow conversations can occur anywhere.

Catch a cheater talking to strangers with these steps:

1. Look for unusual phone numbers.

Scan your monthly phone bill for unusual area codes or excessive talking times. Check your spouses contact list for unfamiliar names which may disguise a lover. Look at the recently dialed and received call list for unusual activity. See any frequent occurrences? Record anything that looks suspicious and save it for later.

2. Check free directories and search engines.

411, whitepages, and others can sometimes reveal a little information about a number. Sometimes they will simply list 'landline' or 'wireless' - even incorrectly. Google is more useful, as it can reveal community forums where the number may be listed. Also if the person is listed online for business reasons.

3. Utilize a commercial 'reverse cell phone lookup directory.

While no 'official' system for listing cellular, VOIP, and WiFi callers exists, special commercially maintained databases can be searched for free to determine if they have more information about these types of phones. Often they do, and its details include names, addresses, service providers, and more.

4. Choose your next move wisely.

If you find a match to a lover, think about your situation from an objective, outside perspective. Only you can determine whether confronting your spouse is the best option. If the person is being unscrupulous, they may simply use their knowledge of your awareness to make a first move - thereby giving themselves an advantage in court. Or else, they may reveal their activities calmly and work to come to a mutually beneficial solution. Often, significant emotion is involved and caution is warranted to prevent further complications. For some people, simply having the knowledge is closure enough to realize the problem is long term - and they simply leave silently and quickly.