Mobile Broadband - Clearing Up the Misconceptions

by : Matt Sharp

The internet as we know it is changing. It's going mobile, and spreading wherever we go, now. Join me as I look at the phenomenon that is mobile broadband!
Mobile broadband - a potted history
The internet was first born in 1993, created predominantly by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But even he probably didn't predict exactly how massive an all-encompassing it's become in our lives. From dial-up, to broadband, from modems to wireless routers, it's constantly evolved of the first 15 years of its life (I say the first 15, as it's clearly going to keep on growing and evolving for a long, long time to come). And the point it's rapidly heading towards is the point where it becomes truly mobile, the point where you can access the internet wherever you are, as naturally as ringing someone on a mobile phone, or sending a text.
Yes, mobile broadband is where the future lies. It's the technology that is revolutionising how (and more importantly, where) we access the internet. But the thing is... despite mobile broadband being an amazing technology, that's easy to set up, easy to use, and superb value, there are an awful lot of misconceptions about it. And that's not good, because the misconceptions make it sound rubbish, when the truth couldn't be farther from that!
Mobile broadband - ending the confusion!
So, here goes, in an effort to make things easier for you to understand, I'm going to utterly destroy the top 5 misconceptions about mobile broadband!
'I don't need it, I've got WiFi, I can use that anywhere.'
Not true, you need to be connected to a WiFi hotspot, to use it. WiFi, wireless access, is NOT the same as mobile broadband access. Not even close, in fact!
'You need WiFi to use it, it won't work without it.'
Nope, mobile broadband doesn't need WiFi, nor a WiFi hotspot, and is, in fact, becoming more popular than (and slowly replacing) WiFi!
'Why do I want it? It's only cut-down websites on your mobile phone!'
Not true, some mobile phones let you view the internet, but mobile broadband does NOT involve mobile phones, and you access mobile broadband on a laptop.
'I can't use it overseas, only in the UK.'
Granted, you'll pay roaming rates overseas, and you might not get the full broadband speed, but unless you have no coverage, it will work on international roaming, just like a mobile phone would.
'I'd have to mess about for hours setting up the modem, I know what PC's are like!'
Not true, the USB Modem takes literally a couple of minutes to set up, and involves nothing more taxing than plugging it into a USB port, and clicking YES.
So, there you go, those are the top 5 misconceptions I've heard that stops people buying mobile broadband. In summary, and to clear things up finally, yes, it full internet access, yes, you get broadband speeds, no, it's not tied down to mobile phones, and yes, you want it. Trust me! It's available now on all 5 major networks, although bear in mind, you can only get it on O2 if you're already with O2.