Get a Free Phone, the Easy Way

by : David Kohen

I have brought a new cell phone and I'm really happy with it, wireless, Bluetooth, 3G compatible, touch screen, Quad band all the stuff that most new phone have or will have, but in the first month when I saw the bill it was really annoying $200, I don't know for you but it's a lot for me, so I decided to change my carrier, and here it come the bad news, not every cell phone can work with any carrier, so I have two choice:

1- Buy an unlocked phone that I can use with any carrier, but this will add an extra charge to my cash balance and that not what I want.

2- Unlock the phone that I have.

Everybody will opt for the second choice and here is the reasons:

- The cost! You get an unlocked phone for a little cost, about 15$ or maybe $3.
- You can even sell your phone with it's new option, it's now an unlocked phone.
- You can switch between different network as you like, when I say different network it's
mean different tariffs.

I have seen a lot of site that claim that they can unlock your phone for a small amount or for extra save, but believe me they do as I will show you, for free, and charge you between $3 to $15 for nothing.

But for me, I want a free phone no extra charge! We all love free stuff so guess what; you can do it for free also, no need to the $15 extra charge, it's all done remotely and in 2 min for free.

Different software allow you to do that for free, to name a few "Ultimate Calculator", "DCT-3 Calculator", "CyberGSM DCT-4 Calculator"...., use Google to find one it's and all you need is just your phone IMEI and the right software that's it, you enter it and the software give a code to unlock your phone and how to do it for free.

Don't worry; unlocking your phone is totally legal because it's yours, even if phones companies don't really like it.