Be in the Know With Orange Mobile

by : David Webster

Orange Mobile, is UK's fourth largest telecommunications network. They started business back in 1991 under Hutchison Telecom until it was acquired by France Telecom in 2001. Orange was given the citation "Best Mobile Operator" at the World Communication Awards in 2006.

Since mobile phones are now considered as a necessity, Orange, started offering the public an extensive variety of services that helped promote the latest mobile technological advancements and generate some viable profits at the same time. Also, orange mobile now provides their services (both mobile & broadband) to the United Kingdom and extends its scope to the Middle east and other European countries including France, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Slovakia. Orange services also reach some countries in the African continent such as Egypt, Jordan, Madagascar, Cameroon and Botswana.

The company's website boasts of a great selection of orange phones to choose from should one opt to be an Orange subscriber. Phones are not only eye-catching but packed with functionality as well. Some of the more popular phone models they have include the Nokia N95, Samsung G600, Samsung Armani Edition, Sony Ericsson K800i, LG Viewty and dozens more. Blackberry phones are a hit amongst businessmen as they allow clients to download their email straight to their handsets given the right network settings.

Most of the phones they offer have 3G capabilities. 3G allows for faster network connection and faster data transfer. People who has an Orange 3G capable phone can access the internet through their phones and can place video calls to other people whose handsets has the same capabilities as well. If you're a fan of ring tones, themes, games and wallpapers, the Orange shop is the site to visit. You can access it via your handset's internet connection and start downloading contents to your orange mobile phones as you wish.

Orange has two subscription options. First is the pay as you go plan, meaning you can add credits to your account by reloading using your purchased Orange swipe cards or use your debit cards or credit cards to reload or purchase additional airtime. The second plan is the pay monthly plan where clients are allowed to choose which payment scheme they want to opt for. Hey have a 12, 18 and 24 month payment option.

And at the rate business is going, we can be sure that Orange mobile will continue its drive for continuous growth and commitment to providing the best service to their customers.