How to Share Ring Tones Using Bluetooth

by : Grigoriy Anoshenko

There is a ring tone you have been trying to get your hands on for a long time and you hear your best friend's phone belting it out. You simply must have it. Had you experienced these cravings a few years ago, you might have had to go a through long painful, arduous process of procuring the same through some time consuming means. Or for all you know you might just have to live with the craving for a while longer till something simple and uncomplicated came along. But today, with all the technological upgradation, sharing mobile phone ring tones is so much easier. Mobile phone handsets come bundled with softwares such as Infra - red, Bluetooth, and WAP which allow for a hassle free, wireless transfer between mobile phones, computers to mobile phones, and/or the internet straightaway.

The process of sending ring tones between mobile phones is in effect not much different from the transfer of media between mobile phones. Bluetooth is undoubtedly the more advanced and popular method of transferring ring tones from one mobile phone to another. Bluetooth is software that comes bundled with mobile phone handsets and it allows the gadgets i.e. mobile phones, and computers, to talk to each other wirelessly. It is designed for low - power wireless communication over short distances. Bluetooth devices are capable of sending and receiving information from many devices simultaneously because of their ability to communicate with each other automatically. They are a preferred choice over the Infra - red because they can function without a line of sight. Bluetooth enabled devices generally need to be within a range of 10 metres from one another, although there are some more powerful ones that can detect gadgets within a range of 20 metres as well. The fact that the Bluetooth signals are relatively weak ensures that there is non - interference in the functioning of other gadgets that may be within the stipulated range.

To transfer mobile phone ring tones using a Bluetooth, it is important to have both the mobile phones equipped with this wireless facility. The Bluetooth must be turned on on both the phones. This can be done by going through the MENU and then to the TOOLS folder. Within this folder there would be an option to select the CONNECTIONS. It is this folder that allows access to various wireless connections that could be established using the mobile phone. Bluetooth needs to be turned on here. Both the mobile phones between which the ring tone transfer is desired need to follow this procedure. Although there are a variety of phones available and each phone will have its own navigation process, the above mentioned procedure is largely true for most of the popular mobile phone models.

Both the users need to identify each other on the network they are both commonly logged on to and click on each other's name, thereby indicating to the mobile phone to 'talk' to that particular phone selected by them. Once the Bluetooth is activated and the corresponding gadget detected, it is required to go to OPTIONS and select SEND FILE VIA BLUETOOTH. Hitting on this tab will allow the user to browse through his MEDIA or GALLERY folder and select the file i.e. the mobile phone ring tone in this case, that must be shared with the corresponding gadget. Now these two enabled devices will quickly check whether they should be talking to one another. This is done through a security code e.g. 1234 or 0000 that needs to be fed in by the person sending the ring tone. Once that is done, the user with the other mobile phone that is waiting to receive the ring tone will be asked for a security code to be able to accept the request and initiate the transfer of files. The same security code i.e. 1234 or 0000 must be fed in by this user. When the corresponding matching security code is entered, the gadgets know for sure that the data must be transferred between them and data transfer will commence. The gadgets transfer this data by creating a network and switching frequencies in unison 1600 times a second within the radio frequency band used to transmit Bluetooth data.

Once the transfer of data is complete it is important to switch off the Bluetooth to prevent any viruses being transferred to the gadget through other devices in the range. This can be done through going to the CONNECTIONS folder again and turning it off.