To Bling Or Not To Bling

by : Jim Brown

Accessories are just everywhere! It seems like one can't survive going to malls, visiting friends, or even going to class, without a single accessory on. Both women and men adore earrings and other types of body piercing like bracelets, necklaces, anklets, bangles, mouthpieces and all those shiny and tiny wearable items. People, especially the teenagers, are crazy about them.

They put on accessories on animals like dogs, kittens, or rabbits and birds. They even accessorize non-living things. Just say for example houses. Houses are not and cannot be complete without furniture, carpets, and curtains. Cars are even pimped by many, especially teenagers who love hip hop. Well, life is simply boring without spices, right?

Another crazy thing people are into today is customizing their mobile phones. They just can't get enough of it. When the accessory goes to wreck, they would buy another one, and this time, more expensive and more exaggerating. Mobile phone accessories are divided into two: one for charm and beauty purposes and other for utility.

Charm accessories are mainly there to catch the attention of people. Teenagers are the ones who go crazy over this. It is really in their nature that they would want to have the attention everywhere they go, from school, to malls, to parties and night outs. This "addiction" entices many to spend money here and there. It is not a bad thing to accessorize your mobile phone. It is even beautiful if you can flatter a simple gadget like a cellphone; however, it should not be too much. Here are some of the items people put on their mobile phones:

Cell phone dangling charms

These charms are the ones with a string that you tie onto the sides of your mobile phone. It has different designs like the letters of the alphabet, small and big stuffed toys or the stuffies, rhinestones, single Chinese characters and other blings.

Cell phone cases

Most of the time, people place their cell phones inside cases which are formed just like the phone. When you make your choice, make sure that the case you like is the one that is appropriate and proportional for your mobile phone. It goes in plain colors with some having colorful and contemporary designs, others are knitted and some use toddler's socks.

Cell phone covers and housings

Some people can't be satisfied easily. When they do not like the color of their original housing, they usually buy another one with more colorful designs and creative styles.

On the other hand, there is also another kind of accessories which help you improve the life of your mobile phone. Here are some common examples:

Battery chargers

Without this, your cell phone will only last for two to three days max.

Memory cards and Memory Sticks

Especially if you own a camera phone, you will surely need a memory card or stick to store your data, pictures, songs and others. With this, you can print images even if you do not have a Bluetooth feature.

Headsets and Bluetooth headsets

Cell phones have high radiation that may cause you danger. So, it is better to prevent than cure, right? You can use headsets or the new Bluetooth headsets in listening to music or if you are having a long conversation with someone on your mobile phone.


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