Alternative of Mobile Phones: is There Any?

by : Andrena Markley

How much do you love your mobile phone? It might sound rather odd but if someone asks you this, what will you say? Tough-isn't that? For me it's a bit tricky as I dote on other devices also, like I use a separate digital music player and a Nikon Coolpix digital camera for listening to music and taking pictures respectively. I also have a Nokia mobile phone which I have been using for the last six years. Feature wise the phone doesn't have much to boast, but for communication purpose it's still a worth. Last month, my cousin bought the new Nokia N95 online which is selling like hot cakes these days. He showed me all the features that the handset carries - imaging, music, gaming, web access, GPS navigation, memory etc. - I was mesmerized! Now I think, mobile phones have evolved completely.

Really, I took some interest the way mobile phones are shaping up and browsed the web for more information. I visited almost all the official sites of companies like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG and came to know that all these companies have jumped into the mobile bandwagon by bringing all-in-one mobile devices into the market. All the companies have feature rich mobile handsets to their credit which boast of features like high resolution displays, high resolution megapixel camera, integrated music players, solid connectivity channels and so on. So frankly, there is no meaning to carry separate devices to fulfil your dreams.

If someone asks me now are there any alternative devices of mobile phones, I will say a definite no. If you can carry all your entertainment features and functionalities in a single device, then I think there is no point to keep different devices. The rest entirely depends on you!