Creative Cell Phone Savings

by : Steve Kroening

How would you like to cut your cell phone bill by 75% or more? Don't think its possible? It might be, but you have to be creative.

If you don't use your phone all that much, you're probably paying way more than you need to. If you've looked around at rate plans from most of the providers, you know it's difficult to find a rate plan for less than $39.99 a month. By the time you pay all the fees and taxes, you're paying more than $500 a year for your cell phone. That's outrageous!

But I recently found out about a great way to cut your bill. Someone told me, "Get T-Mobile To Go prepaid service. If you're willing to pay for a block of 1,000 minutes ($100.00), it comes out to 10 cents/minute and the block of minutes is good for a full year. (The balance can even roll over if you buy another block of 1000 minutes before the 12 months expire.) That's the equivalent to a cell phone plan for $8.33/month, and it has nationwide calling!"

What I really like about this plan is that there aren't any extra fees or over-the-limit penalties!

And he also said "You can transfer your existing number to the prepaid service, and you may be able to use your existing cell phone, especially if you are with T-Mobile or Cingular already. Otherwise, you can buy a new cell phone with some prepaid minutes starting at $39.99, if you purchase it at a store such as Target. The last time I checked prepaid cell phone services, T-Mobile To Go, is significantly less expensive than any other plan out there (if you read the fine print, especially the prepaid expiration clauses)."

Again, the only drawback here is if you're a heavy user. I pay $39.99/month for 1,000 minutes with Cingular. It's more than I'd like to pay, but I'm on my cell phone all the time. So $100 for the 1,000 minutes, which I would use in a month or so is a lot for me to pay.

However, my wife's plan is $29.99/month for 250 minutes. And she uses only a fraction of her minutes. So we're paying about $400/year (after fees and taxes) for a lot minutes we don't use. Compare that to the $100/year on the prepaid plan. Needless to say, we're looking into the T-Mobile To Go plan. Perhaps you should too.