4 Effective Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Techniques

by : Chris Rempel

More than likely at some point in time you've had numbers flash across your caller id with no names attached to them. Sure, you may go to Whitepages.com to try to find out the answer to who was calling you, only to find out that the number is unlisted.

The following are some methods that you can use to help you find out more information about an unlisted number; however, it is important that I point out that, though they're used commonly by investigators, these methods are quite controversial.

You should ONLY use these methods if you consult with legal counsel and find out your rights and the laws in your specific area...

Method #1 - Pretend to Call the Wrong Number - One way to get some information on an unlisted number is to call back the number and pretend as if you accidentally called the wrong number. Give the number a ring and then when it is answered, ask for a random name, such as "Cindy".

More than likely they will tell you that you have the wrong number and they may even ask you what number you were calling. Here is your opportunity. Ask them what number you've called and who they are. They just might slip up and give you the information you ask for.

Method #2 - Pretend to Be Someone Else - In order to get information you could call up the number pretending to be from some kind of agency that needs their information, like a financial institution or a business that needs their information for records. You could tell them you are missing all of their information except their phone number and hope to get the information you want.

BEWARE: Pretending to be someone else ("pretexting") is in most circumstances, completely illegal. If you want to use this method, please make sure that you discuss it with your lawyer before trying it out. I am not recommending that you use this method to extract information, but rather I'm simply exposing a common, yet controversial practice that is being discussed for educational purposes only.

Method #3 - Ask the Person Who They Are - Another thing you may want to do is give the number a call and simply ask the person who they are. This is a very simple way to get the information that you need, and many times if you just ask they will tell you what you want to know.

This method depends on the nature of your investigation. If it's simply an unrecognizable number, then this is an obvious approach.

However, if you're trying to investigate a prank caller or someone who's been calling your spouse, then obviously this method may not be as relevant.

Method #4 - Pay for Access to a Premium Cell Phone Number Database - If you are looking for a "self-serve" and discreet way to find out the information you need about an unlisted or cell phone number, you may want to pay for access to a premium reverse lookup database.

Playing "detective" on your own may not work and it could actually get you in trouble. A reverse lookup database is usually reasonably priced and is a LEGAL service to use because the records are obtained from public resources.

If you do decide to go with this kind of a service, you should make sure that you pick a service that has a satisfaction guaranteed policy so you are sure to get the information you need or your money back.

I need to re-emphasize the fact that the first three methods listed above are for educational purposes only - do NOT attempt to play "detective" without knowing how to do so in a lawful manner, so consult an attorney or otherwise a certified source of legal counsel.

For what it's worth, the simplest and fastest option is to try a reputable online cell phone number database with a guarantee policy.