Welcome to Bluedating

by : Ian Ball

I must say, I haven't, but it can only be a matter of time, 27% of people admit to having sent a message via bluetooth to a complete stranger and 15% have met someone as a result of bluedating! Seems suspiciously high to me!

For the uninitiated, there's two scenarios.

The first is a kind of discreet annoucement to anyone who might be looking as to your availablility and is executed by changing your bluetooth ID in your settings. Simply call yourself something suggestive, like "Single female, contact me", or maybe "indiscriminate male, no pants", leave your bluetooth on, and await the introductions!

The savvy bluedater will, of course, always have one eye on their own phone for any like-minded individuals on the premises, thus gaining a valuable headstart over their technologically-inferior counterparts!

Make absolutely sure, however, when sidling over to the "girl in the white dress at the bar", that its not in fact your mate winding you up, and that by introducing yourself with a friendly pat on the behind you're going to be landing yourself in a good deal of trouble.

The second scenario involves accepting photo messages from strangers. Mad curiousity would mean I couldn't possibly turn down such an invitation, but I'd be careful to do a scout of the area beforehand and, given the presence of some sweaty looking bloke nearby, be mentally preparing myself for a momentary glimse inside his trousers.

I'd be wise to do so as well, 37% of men admit to sending porn to a stranger! Now really, is that funny? Well maybe a bit, but grow up!

More encouragingly, 11% of women admit they would send a photo of themselves to potential suitors!

It's got to be worth the risk!

Dialaphone does not condone any such activity!

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