Japanese Mobile Phones are Highly Advanced

by : Doug Smith

When you compare the mobile phone market in Japan with the market in the USA and other regions of the world, it's easy to see some stark differences. In some places in America, people still use analog and TDMA cellular phones. Just a while ago custom ringtones came into the market, while they have been huge in Europe for many years.

The cellular technology in Japan, however, is on a much higher level than other parts of the world. Cellphones are more common there, too. Mobile phones play an integral role in daily life in Japan, almost everyone has one. The cellphone business in Japan is booming. The latest model can be had for about ? 60,000, which is roughly about $300 USD. Older, workable but less desirable cellphone models can be had in Japan for dirt cheap - less than $10 USD.

The Japanese cellphone service market is largely controlled by 3 central providers. Vodafone and 'J-Phone', NTT and 'DoMoCo', and KDDI and 'AU'. All phones in Japan operate on a unique frequency, which is a fusion of CDMA as well as other frequencies. Phones coming in from outside of Japan aren't capatible with the frequency Japan operates on. Because of this, most phones sold inside of Japan don't work outside of Japan, either. You'll have to purchase a cellphone if you are traveling in Japan and want to keep in contact.

There's a wide variety of different cell phone manufacturers that offer mobiles capitable with Japanese service providers. You're probably familiar with Sony Ericcsoon, Kyocera, Sanyo, and even companies like Casio and Kenwood. Oddly enough, you won't find cellphones from large cellphone manufacturing companies, like Nokia. Still, you'll be able to find many other top quality models that will surely meet your satisfaction.

Mobile phones in Japan come with great technology, including built-in cameras, high resolution displays, GPS devices, and more. You can play mobile phone games online on your mobile phone, and for even greater enjoyment you can even purchase joystick attachments to hook up to your phone. Clearly, phones in Japan have come leaps and bounds over cellphones in other areas. Will the rest of the world ever catch up?