You Write the Ending

by : Rick Bochenski

Do you feel you can write better endings?

We are all writers. If you have ever written in a diary, a secret journal, a school term paper, or a letter to home, you are a writer.

Writer are all around us. Those sitcoms that we laugh at every night were written by comedy writers. Those medical shows we watch were written with the help of medical experts and script writers. The lawyer shows were written from the headlines of the news with experts as consultants.

Taken from the headlines -
actually is taken from a newspaper reporter writing about the events that took place.

Writing is in all forms of print. Newspaper, paperback books, hardcover books, magazines, E-books, want ads, and more. There are many different types of writing:

Fact Fiction

(from the Latin fingere, "to form, create") is storytelling of imagined events and stands in contrast to non-fiction, which makes factual claims about reality.

Fiction based on fact Historical fact Satire

Although satire is usually witty, and often very funny, the purpose of satire is not primarily humor but criticism of an event, an individual or a group in a clever manner. A great American satirist was Mark Twain. For example, his novel Huckleberry Finn is set in the anti-bellum South, in a world where the moral values Twain wishes to promote are completely turned on their heads. His hero, Huck, a rather simple but good-hearted lad is ashamed of the "sinful temptation" that leads him to help a runaway slave.

Science fiction Mystery Fiction

Interest in mystery fiction continues to this day, thanks to various television shows which have used mystery themes over the years and the many juvenile and adult novels which continue to be published and frequent the best seller lists. Also, there is some overlap with "thriller" or "suspense" novels and authors in those genres may consider themselves mystery novelists.

Romance Comedy

A comic novel is a work of fiction in which the writer seeks to amuse the reader: sometimes with subtlety and as part of a carefully woven narrative, sometimes above all other considerations.

just to mention a few.

Are YOU a writer?

Have you ever read a story or watched a movie and said to yourself that you would have ended it differently and what a disappointing ending it had. Endings can make or break the whole story.

You can be a writer by getting the first You Write the Ending series books. You can have the great opportunity to put your writing skills to the test. All you have to do is get the first book and write your ending. How fun is that?

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Lots of movies were made from books with modifications. Many DVD's now have alternate endings that you can watch. People like you and me want more options and would like to see things happen differently in life and fiction.

I believe that even some parts of reality shows are scripted by writers to help the contestants speak more fluently and make the show more interesting and dramatic.

As I said before, writing is all around us, and you can be a writer too. Read the story and write your ending. Submit it and you might get published in the second book of the series. Sound fun? You bet it is! You could walk away with up to $10,000.

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Rick Bochenski