Comcast Can Change the Way you Use Youre Telephone

by : Julia Hall

When most people think of Comcast, they think of cable TV. While it's true that Comcast is the leading provider of cable TV in the United States right now, you can also get a huge variety of other telecommunications needs including high speed Internet and voice communications (VOIP) in addition to the cable TV for which this company is so well known.

The cable TV service provided by Comcast has some truly incredible features and options. For example, you can choose from a variety of different programming packages, all of which come with digital receivers, forty five channels of digital music, all of your local channels, and access to the ON DEMAND Pay Per View service. The introductory level programming package, Enhanced Cable with ON DEMAND, has all of the features mentioned above. The Digital Classic programming package has all of the features presented above, plus over two hundred digital TV channels. The next programming package in line, the ON DEMAND Silver Plus package has everything from the Digital Classic package but with the addition of thirty more channels including Encore, and your choice of Showtime, Starz, HBO, The Movie Channel, or Cinemax. Comcast's ON DEMAND Gold Plus package has everything from the ON DEMAND Silver Plus package but gives you the option of choosing two movie channels from the options of Starz, HBO, The Movie Channel, Showtime, or Cinemax. The premier package, ON DEMAND Platinum Plus gives you everything from the above programming packages, but allows you to watch all six of the movie channels that you would otherwise have to choose among.

You may have noticed that the channels in these programming packages are all digital. The fact that Comcast uses the digital TV format to transmit its channels provides an important distinction between it and other cable TV companies in terms of convenience and quality for its subscribers. That's because there are a number of advantages to digital TV that the older analog TV format can't offer. The two most noticeable advantages of digital TV are that it provides a much higher quality TV picture than analog and it also allows for interactive features like an on screen program guide that will make it easy to decide what you want to watch without the frustration of channel surfing. Digital TV also makes it easy to to control what kinds of programming your kids have access to with its easy to use Parental Controls.

Of course Comcast's ability to provide other features like high speed Internet and telephone service also make it an attractive proposition. Broadband cable Internet access will truly change the way you use the Internet with. That's because of it's speed. With download speeds up to one hundred times faster than a dial up Internet connection, the Internet is wide open for you. Music, pictures, and streaming video are all at your command. Broadband cable Internet from Comcast also offers the advantage of always being on and ready for your use. That means no more dialing in and it also means that you can walk away from longer downloads without fear of being cut off by the network.

Comcast can also change the way you use you're telephone. That's because Comcast offers digital telephone service that provides you with unlimited local and long distance calls! You'll also get all of the valuable features that you've been paying extra for included in your low monthly bill. These features include Caller ID, call waiting, voice mail (which can be checked over the Internet), and much more!

With all of these features and options, Comcast is clearly the telecommunications provider of choice for anybody's situation. This is the end of your search. Start Now. Switch to the top cable provider.