Acid and Alkaline Foods and the Ph Diet

by : Ronald W. Firquain

There is a saying that goes, " we are what we eat. " In fact, if people take a deeper look at the food being consumed, only then will the person realize that a lot of it are unhealthy which is why most people are obese.

The reason is because the most of these are acidic or have a high concentration of alkaline in it. Some examples of acidic foods are peanuts, meat, sugar, beans and legumes. Those that contain alkaline are certain vegetables, fruits and juices.

The types of beverages available also has high concentrations of acid. Coke and beer for example has a pH2 while coffee that has caffeine is a pH 4.

This is not harmful in small amounts but when someone eats for example a slab of steak together with a can or two of beer, then there is bound to be a problem in the future. This is because micro form and pathogens start to develop and this will spread to different areas of the body.

The body defense mechanisms will do its best to regulate the pH levels. However, it has limitations and when it can not, the person may suffer a stroke or other sicknesses that could permanently paralyze the individual or be fatal.

One way the body does this is by using calcium. Everyone knows this is good for the bones and lack of it especially in women may lead to osteoporosis.

Children who drink milk often can prevent this from happening but once the person reaches adulthood, things are different. This is because milk also has a high acid content so this can be regulated by substituting this with skim or Soy milk instead.

The example just shown has happened to many people. This is the reason scientists and doctors recommend those who are overweight to exercise and make some lifestyle changes like going on a pH diet.

One way is by changing the way the food is cooked. Instead of frying it, a healthier way is by steaming it. The person may even reduce red meat and change this with fish. A dietitian will be helpful in planning a menu and it would not hurt to read up and experiment on new recipes.

As for drinks, the person should stay away from coffee or dark colas. This is because the regular and the diet versions still contains elements of phosphoric acid. A healthier alternative will be freshly squeezed juice, tea or water.

The person does not have to wait until something should happen and one is off to the clinic or the hospital. This is the reason that people are encourage to visit the doctor at least once a year to check if everything is normal.

At home, the individual can buy pH strips that can check if one is acidic. This is done through a urine test and if this is between 6.75 and 7.25, then the body is maintaining the right pH level.

Should this be higher or lower, then the person is potential health risk. There is another version that can tell if this is normal or not based on color and the results will determine whether or not it is time to make some changes.

There are other things to watch out for to ensure healthy living and the first step is by watching what is being eaten because too much acid or alkaline in foods can be dangerous to one's health.