LG Shine - Make Heads Turn Around.

by : Adam Caitlin

Classy, sophisticated and mesmerizing... these are the kind of words that will hit you, at the look of LG Shine. The handset comes under the 'Black Label' series of LG, and is enabled with a slider mechanism, much like its predecessor, the LG chocolate. LG Shine comes wrapped in stainless steel body, with smooth contours and high quality finish. This provides a fine sensation to the hands when the handset is held, and also makes LG shine quite robust due to its make. This means, unlike the other cheap plastic mobiles, the exterior of LG Shine will not wither away. Hence, what we get is an designing excellence that has been wisely clubbed with precision engineering.

But one thing that makes the LG shine class apart is its external screen. The screen that is highly reflective, resembles a mirror. It dominates much of the front fascia and oozes such an incredible charm, that the onlookers are compelled to hold it in hands. And when they do, they are further hooked on. The external screen i so reflective that one can clearly see one's image on it. So, for people who are much conscious of their looks, LG Shine does the needful.

Beauty if not skin deep. Thus, LG Shine is not only mesmerizing in outside, it is also alluring from within. When the slider is opened, a beautiful well etched keypad is revealed. What makes it more interesting is its blue light that provides a subtle, soft feel.

Other features of this gorgeous mobile include - 2 Megapixels camera, Mp3 player, internet bowser, lifestyle features, tri-band network, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB. The battery life is average and so is its memory.

With such class and attraction attached to LG shine, the verdict remains clear - the model is designed for the elite fashion conscious customers. So, if you are the kinds who love flaunting and getting attraction, this should be your obvious choice. With LG Shine, reflect your refine sense of style.