Do We Really Need a Registry Cleaner?

by : Arvind

The answer to that question regarding the need of
registry cleaner
is an obvious 'yes'. If you clean your registry on a regular basis your system will run faster and more efficiently. But if one asks such a question then the possibility is that the person really does not know what the system registry really is. So, lets venture to explain. The registry is a central database where windows, the operating system of the computer, keep a record of all the changes that are made on the computer. This may be related to hardware or software of the permissions given or withdrawn from the profile of a user. It is the registry that manages the startup and shutdown as well as the operation of the operating system so to speak. If this central database gets clogged with useless data the system will slow down if not crash altogether. Here is where
registry cleaner software
makes its importance known.

How The Registry Gets Clogged
It is during the process of downloading programs or files from the Internet that the registry gets filled with redundant information such as ActiveX controls and stuff. Some hardware such as plug and play peripherals also have to be registered in the registry. But when these programs and peripherals are removed the registry entries still remain. This takes up space on the drives as well as slows the system down. A good registry cleaner such as the windows XP registry cleaner or the free PC registry cleaner can remove this stagnant information from the registry and make the system more efficient and faster.

The Registry Replaced The INI storage system in Win 95.
The registry was introduced in Windows 95. Before this the system used to store configuration information in INI files. Each software package had its own INI file system. These files were scattered all over the system's hard drive, which made it very difficult to keep track of the system settings. Though the central registry system assimilates the configuration settings it has its own set of problems. The greatest problem it poses is that it is a single point of failure. One snag and the whole system crashes.

Don't Manually Mess With The Registry
Even though it is possible to edit the registry manually and clean it, it is not recommended. Do not touch the registry unless you know exactly what you are doing. It is better to download a registry cleaner from the Internet to get a thorough job efficiently done and get the system up and running.