Be you in Another Face With Webcam Morpher

by : Media

It's too easy to change a name in webcam chat rooms: simply use "nicknames". But it's really hard to disguise our faces in front of the webcam. You may be looking for the so-called "nickfaces". No more difficult, AV Webcam Morpher is a great help.

"Webcam Morpher deserves credits", said Steven Stone, fromTexas, US. "I never expect to have a software that can help me totally disguise my identity."

"' Nickfaces' are something magical and natural", continued he. "It's simple to have my face changed, that is, to play with mouse clicks. Now I can pretend to be chatting, typing, listening, expressing emotions, and even flirting with other gals in another face while in fact I'm...sleeping or taking a bath. It was strangled that no one could recognize me in the first week until I myself told them the truth".

In addition, using Webcam Morpher is an economical and clever choice. You don't need to buy the other "physical" webcam. With the Gold version, you can chat in 8 various 'nickfaces' with 3 males and 5 females for choices.

"Gals at the other end of the line felt interested in this innovative webcam software", insisted Steven. "They asked me where to offer Webcam Morpher then I told them to visit"

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