Five Tops Tips for Excel

by : Mike Seddon

Like many users of Excel, I've found a few really useful features which I use quite often.

Here are my top five.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Try the following Excel keyboard shortcuts. They can really make your life easier.

Ctrl + ASelect all cells
Ctrl + HomeGo to cell A1
Ctrl + EndGo to last cell in the range
Ctrl+ Shift+ EndSelect from active cell to last cell in the range
Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect from active cell to A1
Ctrl + Page DownGo to next worksheet
Ctrl + Page UpGo to previous worksheet

Speed copying in Excel

To quickly copy a cell across a row or down a column simply select the cell you want to copy and then move the mouse cursor until it is placed above the bottom right corner of the cell. The cursor will turn to a plus (+) sign.

Now hold down the left mouse button and drag across either the row or column until you have selected all the cells you want to paste into. Release the button and your first cell will be copied to all the chosen cells.

Instant Charts in Excel Spreadsheets.

Fancy a quick chart from a table of figures in Excel?

It's so easy. Just select any of the cells in the table of numbers and press F11.

Try experimenting with it It's a fast easy way to get a quick chart.

Headers and Footers on Excel Spreadsheets.

Did you know you can print your Excel spreadsheets with Headers and Footers?

Simply click on the File menu and select Page Setup. Now select the Header/Footer tab. Try experimenting with the Custom Header and Custom Footer options as well.

Quick calculator in Excel

How many times have you been working in Excel and you have reached for the calculator in Windows. Usually to check something Excel is telling you!

So, why not put a button in Excel which will fire up the calculator for you.

Simply select View/Toolbars/Customize in Excel.

On the Customize screen, select the Commands tab and then select Tools from the Categories list.

Scroll down the list of icons until you see the calculator. It's labelled Custom (no I don't know why either!). Drag it to your toolbar and there you have it.