Super Computers

by : Jesse Miller

The usual computer is the one on which you run your everyday tasks and routines. It is the one that is always on your desktop waiting for you to power it on so that you can play a computer game or perform different assignments.

I'm sure you have heard of super computers and you wore probably wondering why are they so different and in what way. To make thing straight, a super computer will never be on the market except if technology will evolve too fast and they will become obsolete. The main difference between these computers lies in the fact that they have different processing power. By different, it means that a regular computer would seem like an ordinary calculator compared to other one.

Super computers are used mainly by NASA and Pentagon so that they can decode different messages. A computer with so much power is an important advantage to have when dealing with terrorist and coded messages. They can run multiple complex tasks with the same speed and get the results in the best possible time. NASA uses these computers to decipher messages that could originate from outer space.

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Let's assume for an instance that you would come to poses such a computer. What would you do with it? My guess is that nothing because you would have too much processing power and you will never be able to use it to its best performances. This is why computers like this are expensive and are not made for the general use. What would be the point of having a super-computer if everyone could have it? The fact that it is so different and powerful makes it so great. Stop dreaming about what you can't have and think about how the people that do poses it can do better by using it.