Adware Remover Reviews

by : sebastian foss

Adware is one of the largest sources of headaches for computer users today. This type of software doesn't spy on you or anything quite like that - instead, it covers your screen in ads, even when you aren't connected to the Internet! Fortunately, .

I've tested dozens - even hundreds! - of adware removal programs. Some of them are great, most of them get the job done (more or less), and too many simply don't work. I've gathered the top contenders in the field, and reviewed them here for your convenience!

Adware Deluxeâ„?

Despite the name, Adware Deluxe isn't as deluxe as expected. The program itself is fairly efficient and easy to use, so perhaps thats where the deluxe comes in. However, this program isn't as easy on the eyes as other programs could be - its all business. The user interface is a bit rough, to say the least, but it does what it does, and does it well. As long as you keep the adware database updated (by using the handy update button), its a fine program.

Adware Patrolâ„?

AdwarePatrol is designed for simplicity. It's been simplified so much that you can scan your whole computer with just a few mouse-clicks. The email support is great - I got a response in just a few hours, and from real tech support. Suffice it to say, i am seriously impressed. It cleared out the computer, finding no less than a dozen infiltrations, hijacks, and worse. Clearly a quality product!

Adware Safetyâ„?

This websites slogan is Privacy, Protection and Peace of Mind! i am glad to say that for the most part, the slogan is completely well-deserved. On my first test run, i ran a scan, and the program didn't find anything. But i knew that i was infected, so it was a bit disappointing. Luckily, though, i ran a database update, and the new version, thankfully, found and deleted the adware i knew i had. This just goes to show that no adware removal tool should be left idle - they need to be updated regularly!

Doctor Adware Proâ„?

Like Doctor Adware, this is an excellent product. The chief difference between the two products are substantial enhancements to the interface. With Doctor Adware Pro, its now even easier to scan for adware, schedule scans, and tweak the program until its just how you like it. The program, of course, works just as well as the original Doctor Adware, locating more than a dozen infections on our test computer and removing them with no trouble at all. Since Doctor Adware Pro costs just as much as Doctor Adware, it's a no brainer get Doctor Adware Pro

Adware Toolsâ„?

This spyware product feels a bit rougher than other adware removal programs. I cant fault the efficiency of it, since it left my testbed computer sparkling clean, but the user interface feels a bit rugged. Not to say that it's complicated, since the whole process was clearly designed to be as easy as possible, but the program lacks polish. If you're looking for a tool that's unobtrusive, yet efficient - look no further!

Doctor Adwareâ„?

Doctor Adware was a great program. It's been largely overshadowed by Doctor Adware Pro, and while Doctor Adware is still receiving updates, it may be more worthwhile to stick to Doctor Adware Pro. The only major difference is that Doctor Adware Pro has a better user interface - if you're already using Doctor Adware and you're comfortable with it, you may as well stick with it. The software, thanks to regular updates, is still quite good, and effectively cleared out our testbed computer. The bottom line is that while Doctor Adware is still a good program, the interface can turn away some users in favor of Doctor Adware Pro. The first time you use Spyware Eliminator 4.0, your scan results will offer vivid descriptions of the spyware and adware your computer has picked up and give you recommendations on what to do with the spyware and adware detected. The scan will also show the severity of each spyware or adware found. After you've cleaned your computer of spyware the program will alert you to suspicious download attempts in the future..