About Freeware

by : Mark Williamson

Everyone has their own opinion on what freeware actually is, although in a nutshell freeware is simply software which is created and given away for no charge at all. This often means that to get freeware software you shouldn't have to jump through hoops, such as by being forced to pay a registration fee on a site such as ours, or in our opinion you shouldn't have to register at all!.

Freeware exists because people use it. Obviously it has to be created in the first place, though if there was no demand there would be no supply!!. It is, unfortunately, a common misconception that freeware is no good, or at least isn't AS good as commercially available software although I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this just isn't true. I have used freeware in a personal and business capacity for many years and the beauty of freeware is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. For example, if you only want a word processor and not a complete office suite then freeware can offer this. Similarly, if you want a replacement to Microsoft Office but don't want to pay for it, freeware can offer this also!. Freeware will offer a solution for almost any task, regardless of how trivial it may be to others but crucially important to you.

Freeware isn't trial-ware, shareware, demo or time limited, it is completely functional software. There are times when authors may release a freeware version of their software and call it "lite" which will have a few features disabled or taken out altogether but we would still consider this freeware as if the "lite" version does what you need it to do then it has a purpose. Some freeware authors launch their products as freeware to begin with until the product has gained sufficient exposure and then re-release it as commercial software. Until they ask for payment it is freeware and even when they release a paid version you almost always are able to continue using the freeware version without breaking any rules.

Most software released as freeware will remain free throughout its lifetime and the above are mere examples of how a few may progress their products. Freeware authors generally enjoy what they do and enjoy the feedback and praise they receive, and most are extremely talented individuals or a group whose only desire is to show the world their software development abilities for a little recognition.