Regclean Review - is This Cleaner Worth the Money?

by : Thomas Eliot

RegClean by 2Squared Software is a quick and efficient registry repair tool. It's not fancy; it won't tell you the severity level of the errors it finds. But it will find and eliminate a whole host of invalid registry entries while at the same time also compressing, defragging, and cleaning up your Windows registry. If what you want is the beef, then RegClean will deliver. If you'd also like a little lettuce and tomato with your beef along with a couple of hamburger buns, you may need to look elsewhere to find it.

Looking at this product in depth and comparing it to other registry cleaners on the market, RegClean lacks many of the extra features which come standard on these other registry utilities. Although it does have a Program Start Up Manager (to eliminate unnecessary programs from starting up during a Windows boot procedure) along with a Backup function should you need to restore a portion of the registry, two vital extras which are convenient to have and which most top-of-the-line cleaners also carry, these are about all it contains in extra features.

Next to the user friendly graphic interface, one of the good things about this program is its price. Because it doesn't carry many extra features, it comes with a modest price. If cleaning and maintaining the registry are the main concern you have, then this product may well fill that bill while leaving your pocketbook in tact. Also, its online Help files are very good and easily accessed from the user interface.

In our test machine scan, RegClean discovered 303 errors, which was more than our resident cleaner detected. If it's performance you're after, RegClean at least equals several other of the higher priced products in the number of errors it finds and fixes. In addition, with each scan, it will compress and defrag the registry. The bottom line: if your computer is slow, this cleaner can can kick butt and have your machine back up to speed in no time.

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