Custom Photo Purses

by : shellyjohnson

Practically every woman in the world carries a purse wherever she goes. Somewhere inside that jam packed purse, there is a picture that she treasures. There is a picture that she holds dear to her heart. It is the picture that she never leaves home without. With a custom photo purse, that picture can come outside of the cramped purse and be put on display to share with the world!

A custom photo purse does not come cheap. The average range in price is $80 to $250 dollars and more. Some even cost several hundred dollars. This might seem crazy. However in a world where a tiny designer handbag can cost that much, it seems fitting. Unlike designer handbags, this purse will carry a sentiment close to a woman's heart. That makes it priceless.

Once the desired photo has been selected, the next step is submitting it to a photo purse maker. This can be done by sending in a digital image, a scanned image or an actual hard copy of the photo. The purse maker then selects a piece of fabric that will later be sewn into the purse. Placing the photo directly onto a piece of fabric ensures that the photo will never fade or peel over time. Once the fabric has been selected, the image may need to be cropped or re-touched, if necessary. This ensures a bright, crisp image appearing on the purse. The newly created fabric piece is then sewn into the purse as if it were an original part of the purse design.

Like regular purses, photo purses can be spot cleaned or even dry cleaned. One thing that should never be done is placing the purse into the clothes washer. With regular care of the purse, the owner can rest assured that the treasured picture will never fade away!