Craigslist Proxy

by : Creztor Tessel

You might be wondering why someone would need a Craigslist Proxy. In fact there are a few very legitimate reasons why a person may need one. This all stems from how Craiglists was designed and functions as the world's largest and most heavily trafficked online classified website.

The first reason why someone might need a proxy to unblock Craigslist is due to their IP or spam filtering system. Craigslist, in an attempt to limit spam on the website, has several filters in place that log IPs and the amount of ad posts from each specific IP. If during a given time there is an excessive amount of posts from one IP, this will trigger their spam filtering system and that IP will be blocked. The exact duration of this block is unknown, but the common understanding is that initially it is a temporary block lasting only a few hours/days and then there is the hard block. The hard block may last weeks or months or even years. Some people have reported that after a year, IPs that were originally blocked once again work, but this is not the case for everyone. To get an IP blocked for such a length of time, one must be posting hundreds or possibly even thousands of posts day in and day out. If this does happen to you, then the only way you can get your ads showing up again is to change your IP. This is where a proxy for Craigslist which would provide the user with a fresh new IP comes in handy.

The second reason someone may require a proxy to post on Craigslist with is that they wish to remain completely anonymous. IPs enable anyone, with the right tools, to track down and identify your location. Craigslist is a heavily trafficked sight, and with it brings the downside of such a popular website. Changing your IP constantly and regularly will improve your chances of remaining completely anonymous or at the very least, make it increasingly difficult for anyone to track your exact location. Again this is where a proxy is useful as it can provide you with a unique or different IP on request.

Being able to change your IP, while not important for some, is vital for others. There are many reasons why someone may required a Craigslist Proxy and these include only a few examples of increasingly your level of anonymity and avoiding an IP blocks that may be in place. No matter your reason for wanting to use a proxy on Craigslist, it continues to be one of the worlds most trafficked websites.