Concept of MP3 encoding technology

by : Olivia Andrews

Mp3 is really a cool stuff for music lovers who enjoy and appreciate quality music. It also provides the consumer with the convenience of purchasing the music online and ripping from purchased CD's and is also easily portable.

The popularity of Mp3 format for digital music files has exploded within the past few years whereby you can download Mp3 files from peer to peer file sharing websites and commercial Mp3 download websites and can easily play on their portable or software based Mp3 players. You can easily email your favorite music songs to your friends and relatives. These Mp3 websites supply a wide variety of Mp3 tools such as Mp3 players, music file conversion software and Mp3 downloads that enables you to hear your favorite Mp3 anywhere in the car, office or even on the beach.

If you have a huge collection of your favorite songs that you want to listen in your car audio system but you are confused as how so many files could be stored onto your 800 Mb CD? Mp3 encoder or converter is the solution to this. An Mp3 encoder is the software that uses Mp3 codec (compression and decompression algorithm) to make MP3 files. Most of the encoders convert WAV file to Mp3 format whereas many can convert other formats such as WMA to Mp3.

Mp3 stands for MPEG Audio Layer 3 where at layer 3, psychoacoustics principles are applied so as to find and remove unnecessary sound data such as the stuff human ears don't hear anyway (sounds above 16 KHZ) and leaving only crucial data.

After the essential data is separated from the redundant data, compression takes place and at this stage, the same amount of data is stored using fewer bits and less space of the disk. Here, the bit rate is the ratio of number of bits transferred between two devices per second and the higher the bit rate ratio, the higher is the sound quality and vice versa. 192 Kb/s is the frequently used bit rate used in peer to peer networks and most of the converters use variable bit rates. This enables to get better quality of sound because bit rate conforms to the dynamics of audio frames stored and this in turn keeps more important data.

There are number of mp3 encoders and software available today such as Lame, Fraunhofer, Music match jukebox, real jukebox , Blade, Audio catalyst, GoGo etc. The use of mp3 encoding engine depends upon your personal requirements and preferences.

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