The Beauty of Cpanel -- Web Hosting Knowledge

by : IC

If you're looking around and browsing across different hosting companies in order to find which one has the best features which will match your needs then you should definitely take a look at the type of back-end and administration script that they offer to their subscribers. Managing a hosting account can be pretty intimidating at first however, as time goes by and you get more experience about how to use and operate the administration area and you'll want to have more features that will save you time and automate many processes.

Having all these ideas in mind brings us to a very efficient hosting management script which has become popular because it is intuitive and provides a lot of information which can be accessed quite easily, the name of this administration script is Cpanel. Unlike many other administration areas Cpanel is organized in a very neat way, at the top of the screen it shows you when it was the last time you log in to your account and from what IP address, on the left side of the administration screen you will find two sidebars which provide a lot of information about your account and about the server you are using.

The top left sidebar provides the information which is related to your account such as the hosting package that you have signed up for, the amount of domains and parked domains that you have, the number of databases which have been created, your available disk space, the amount of bandwidth that you used so far, the number of FTP accounts created, etc. -- the lower left sidebar is configured in order to show information which is relevant to the server, this may be: the operating system that you're running on, the kernel version, your PHP version and diversion of all other modules that you may be utilizing.

In addition, Cpanel is compatible with a very popular script which is called Fantastico, this script has been designed to automate the installation of common scripts, there are well over 50 different scripts that Fantastico is able to handle for instance, if you need to have a forum and WordPress installed for one domain you could easily have this process gone by using this script which will create your databases, install all the files required in the server and configure all the permissions that will allow you to use those scripts in a matter of a few seconds, if you compare the use of this script to doing a manual installation you will see that this is an amazing script to have. Cpanel also provides a series of icons which illustrate the many sections that you can access and configure instead of providing menus which may not be very intuitive.