Is Somebody Watching Your Every Online Move?

by : Buzz Scott

Most people prefer to feel safe that they have privacy in what they do. People close their curtains or blinds, they lock their doors and people close the door when they dress or use the bathroom. Most People take for granted that when they're alone, no one is watching their every single move.

Imagine someone watching you through a secret camera installed in your home. The idea is pretty chilling, isn't it? Well, if you use a computer online, there's a change that someone is in fact watching your every online move.

If you don't have a spyware fighting software package installed on your desktop or laptop, you might be being watched. The person watching you could be watching you for the purpose of trying to advertise something that they want to sell or worse, they could be looking for person information for their own gain such as your banking, credit card information or for your identification information so they can steal your identity. They can record your keystrokes and send pictures of your computer to another file. If you surf online, you are a target.

Identity theft is a huge problem today. Much of it occurs from ATM card readers or dishonest cashiers and staff in restaurants or retail stores that handle your bank or credit cards. Other problems occur because you unknowingly go about your daily routine online unaware that there's software secretly installed on your computer that's reporting your every keystroke elsewhere.

How do you know if someone is spying on you? Many computers will run slowly if there's Spyware installed on them. Spyware takes up valuable resources to work in the background. Your home page could also be changed or your links could be changed in your browser bookmarks. You also may have noticed extra pop-ups on your computer or errors telling you that you have Spyware. Even if you have no such symptoms, you should protect yourself.

Installing a spyware program is the best way to combat this problem and protect your safety. Good packages can detect any harmful programs and protect your privacy in the future by installing updates and defensively scanning your online environment to protect you against future threats before they strike. Ensure your surfing habits are private by installing software to protect you. Installing spyware software is as important to your safety as antivirus software or even as important as locking the door to your home before going to sleep at night.