Track a Mobile Phone - Trace Someone Online by Mobile Phone

by : Robert

Modern advances are appearing all the time and people are asking if things are going too far. Speculation over 'big brother' watching us is cropping up in conversations a great amount of times.

The introduction of a free service that can locate a person by map online is the talk of a lot of controversy. The website can track any connected mobile phone and then place its position on map with pin point accuracy using satellite GPS.

GPS is a worldwide radio-navigation system made from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. It is a system mainly used to locate the user's position at a time.GPS was originally intended for military applications, but now it is mainly used in marine, location-based services and terrestrial navigation, obviously this leads to the system being exploited and used for other forms of 'spying'.

How could this effect a relationship? Or would you be comfortable knowing someones exact location. Further more would you want people knowing your own!

The site claims this 'track a mobile phone' service is totally legal. So for now I would recommend leaving your cell phones at home.