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Top Gifts for Father

Fathers Day Gifts 2007

Fathers Day this year is 17th June and Find-me-a-gift have the answer to all your prayers. They have an outstanding online catalogue of gifts and gadgets to surprise your dad. Whether he is a cool dad that is up with the latest stuff or a more old fashioned dad that would suit welly warmers or a sudoku quiz book you will find a huge selection at find-me-a-gift.

We have selected a few of our favourites below or click on the link at the bottom of the page to take you to the find-me-a-gift site.

Finger Drums
Now you can be the ultimate office enemy.....just keep practicing your drum rolls in important meetings...or when someone is trying to pour their heart out to you!!

Electronic Drum Sticks
These Rhythm Sticks are great fun for anyone to play with, musically inclined or not. They're electronic drumsticks, which make bass drum, crash cymbal and snare sounds when they hit a surface, either to create your own drum rhythms or to play along with optional background music. Ideal for children, teenagers and the young-at-heart, everybody seems to want a turn!

CD Wall Tiles
These brilliant and unique CD Wall Tiles are an excellent way to show your love for music and display your favourite CDs on the wall. Each box contains everything you need to create your own personal layout - configure the 9 individual CD Wall Tiles however you like! The CD Wall Tiles are easy to install and there is no tools needed, simple to extend and quick to remove without damaging your walls.

Potty Putter
Introducing Potty Putter! The toilet time golf game that lets you practice your putting while going to the bathroom. If you're a golfer who can't get enough practice time, then Potty Putter is for you! Now you can sink putts where no one else has sunk them before - in the bathroom!

IQ test Gift Pack
This is a great little gift! Let someone prove how smart they are with this brilliant IQ test, It's not just a load of boring questions, it's a brilliant way to prove your metal strength with official proof at the end!

Football share gift pack
The Football Share Gift Pack is a great gift for any football fan or even for yourself if you fancy owning a piece of the club. This better than a scarf or a hat, better than a mouse mat or a mug. It proves someone's a real fan and gives them some great perks.

Wooden Clock
This Wooden Clock is ace! Is it a block or a clock? Plug in the ingenious Wooden Clock and you'll discover it's both, because digital numerals magically appear from within the wood of this uber-stylish timepiece.

Hip Flask In A Book
From the outside it seems you are holier than thou... on the inside you're nothing but a sinner! Open up The Good Book and you will find a clever cut out section inside the pages, holding a 4oz hip flask. Simply fill the stainless steel flask with your favourite tipple, hide inside the good book, and slam shut. Then, when you are in the mood for something strong, head for the bible... no one will ever know!
Remote Control Rat
This remote controlled rat is guaranteed to drive your pet's crazy- watch and see your cat chase and attack this evil rodent! This Remote Controlled Rat's eyes light up while he runs and he spins with the touch of a button.

Name a Box of Chocolates
This yummy Chocolate Gift Pack includes the opportunity to name and receive your own unique box of hand-made chocolates!

Find Me A Gift has the best father's day presents and great gifts - no matter what age dad is or what his tastes are. Our complete range of fathers day gifts and presents for your dad, whether he's young or mature, can be found by clicking the department buttons.

If you have left it a bit late to buy your gifts? Don't panic find-me-a-gift offer a next working day delivery if you place your order before 3.30pm.

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