The Lazy Persons Way to an Outstanding Entertainment System

by : Archie Harris

HDTV, digital TV, digital video recorder, dolby 7.1 surround sound, plasma screens, LCD's, recievers and hi-fidelity theater speakers. Unless you spend all your time reading technical manuals how do you make sense of all those terms when all you want to know is how to build a great home entertainment system? Despite all the options and information available, you can make a simple choice and have the latest and greatest technology in your living room today.

The true test of any popular product being sold is whether it can evolve through time to maintain its importance and popularity. When that product is in a field that will always be in high demand, it must always be up-to-date on innovations because its competitors certainly will be. Providing television service to people is a perfect example of this. The masses at large will always want the ability to come home, turn on their televisions, and watch their favorite shows, movies, or sporting events. With competition so fierce to keep these customers, Satellite Television providers, such as DirecTV, are evolving to keep their customers and enticing new ones to join. They are doing this by offering state-of-the-art technology for free or at prices all income levels can afford.

Technology In Touch With Trends

With new entertainment technology constantly emerging and becoming popular, Satellite companies are giving their customers the equipment to keep up with these innovations. For instance, High-Definition, or HD, Televisions have been growing in popularity for years. As the prices continue to go down, more people are deciding to buy them. DirecTV is providing their customers with HD satellite receivers in order to take full advantage of the superior digital image and sound quality of these HD televisions. New customers are even given a free upgrade to these HD receivers. Also, new technology is making VCR recorders and VHS tapes obsolete with the emergence of DVR, or Digital Video Recorders. With a DVR, you can record and store 100 hours of TV programming, record two shows at once, and even rewind and pause live television. DirecTV also gives new customers a free DVR recorder upgrade.

Internet Access in Remote Areas

For people living in rural areas, using the Internet can be very frustrating. Because most Cable providers do not provide television or online service to these areas, the only option for people is a slow, frustrating dial-up connection through their phone line. Not anymore, though. Through its Satelite capabilities, DirecTV now offers high-speed Internet access in addition to its hundreds of channels in television programming. The cost is very inexpensive with some deals starting at $10. This service isn't just for rural areas. People living in towns and cities can also benefit from these offers. This is another example of evolving a business to stay in touch with people's needs.

Recover Quicker From Weather Catastrophes

Recently, people worldwide have seen examples of the widespread devastation caused by extreme weather. With the Satelite TV capabilities being offered by Direct TV, people affected by these catastrophes can get back in touch with the outside world much faster to receive important safety and weather information. Cable Television and Telephone services rely on an area's electrical grid, power lines, and phone towers to transfer signals to their customers. Because these grids, power lines, and towers are on the ground they are often knocked out for extended periods of time during extreme weather thus leaving their customers without a signal. If you have Direct TV satelite services, you just need an unobstructed view of the Southern sky to receive a signal. A generator can power your television and dish receiver so you can get important news and information regarding your area.

The Customer Must Be Happy

If a customer isn't happy with the product or service they have purchased, there is no way they will recommend it to others. When a company is ranked at the top in their field with customer satisfaction, it obviously enticing for others to try them. This is the case with Satelite Television companies. In the past six years, Direct TV has been ranked higher in customer satisfaction than their Cable Television competitors. When a company keeps their customers up-to-date with technological innovations and trends as well as leading others in customer satisfaction, you know they will be around for a long time. Because Direct TV does this, it will come as no surprise to anyone in the business world that they have over 15 million customers and adding more every day.