Types of Car Stereo Speakers

by : Victor Epand

For a proficient and good quality car audio systems, car stereo speakers play a vital role. They are exceptional in the sense that they are designed only for reproducing sound frequencies. The audio system of the car is judged by a number of specifications matching the core.

The first criterion that a buyer should consider is the frequency response. It should be higher and wider so that the function of capturing and reproducing the sound is performed in a much better way. In addition, a buyer should also consider the efficiency or sensitivity of the car stereo speakers, which decide how far the sound will travel.

Focusing on the maximum power RMS, that is, the maximum power, which the speaker can produce continuously, is important if the system is to be played continuously.

Going for a component speaker will make the listening more thrilling since it gives a complete range and quality of sound inside the car. The power of car stereo speakers should be efficient enough not to diminish the riding power of the car. Not only this, while shopping for various types of speaker systems it is always a good idea to listen to each type all of them should sound a bit different from the other.

With the advancement in technology and the demand of music lovers, today, one can find many types of car stereo speakers. The automakers have designed various kinds of stereo systems, which could reproduce certain frequencies. The wider the frequency response of a speaker the larger sound signal the speaker can capture and reproduce. This can be explained with an example. To capture and reproduce treble high pitched frequencies a tweeter is the best. A sub woofer can only capture the low frequency, i.e. the bass.

Today, in market one can find a wide range of car stereo speakers. These are Multi Element speakers a.k.a coaxial speakers, Midbass or Midrange speakers, Component speakers and Sub Woofers.

Multi Element or coaxial speakers consist of two types speakers i.e., woofers and tweeters that are constructed into one. The woofer, which is shaped as a large cone, generates low range frequencies, on the other hand, there are three tweeters in the form of three small cones that handle the higher pitched frequencies.

Midrange speakers are those systems that are designed to capture and reproduce the middle and sometimes some low bass frequencies. A midrange speaker is generally smaller than a woofer and can reproduce frequency range of approximately 300 to 5000 hertz. These types are fitted in the side or the door panels of the cars.

Component speakers can reproduce high pitched frequencies. These kinds of speakers contain tweeters and horn loaded compression drivers. If a tweeter comes above 25 kilo hertz then it is called a super tweeter.

Another of the car stereo speakers is the sub woofer, which is capable of reproducing the lowest frequencies. The sub woofers have the capability of reproducing sound of the highest quality without reducing too much audio signal off it.