The Biggest Mobile Phone Yet

by : IC

Everybody talks about the next new feature found in mobile phones, whether it is a full fledged MP3 or video player, access to the web, you name it!, however some people may feel like the features are getting better and better but the size of the phone itself is killing it's usability, it seems that the more features mobile phone companies add to these devices the smaller it gets.

To represent this odd experience bloggers and Photoshop artists have published their own creations which represent how odd people look like by using a phone which can apparently be swallowed due it it's size!

Fortunately, some mobile phones have kept a good size to make it easy for people to use it's features, especially those phones which have multimedia and web capabilities. Taking the "size" issue in consideration a smart Chinese man (electronics wizard) has recently created a fully functional mobile phone which isn't the smallest one in the world but perhaps the biggest mobile phone you have ever heard of (or read about in this case), this device was built by Mr. Tan who lives in Songyouan, China, his purpose was build a mobile phone big enough to be worthy of entering the record books for being the world's largest-working mobile phone, which by the way is a very close replica of the one he currently owns and uses every day.

Everything in this mobile phone is functional, those who tested said that this 3ft high - 48 pounds mobile phone is absolutely amazing, anyone can place a call by dialing its huge numbers, text messaging is an easy to use feature and the speaker-phone is said to be "quite clear".

This mobile giant has a built in camera which can capture crystal clear images and is capable of accessing the web without a problem, the only two main issues it has is that in order for it to work it needs to be plugged in to an AC outlet and there is no "vibrate function", which is said to be the reason why his neighbors complained during the 6 months he worked in his little project. Compared to a traditional mobile phone this giant is roughly 620 times bigger effectively making it the biggest mobile phone yet created.